DREAMS OF FLYING was my band project from 1987-1990. I sang, played bass and wrote the songs, inspired by the fabulous musicians Dan Thress (drums), Gordon Nicol (guitar) and Mark Cupkovic (cello). In later recording sessions we were joined by Chris Clark (keyboard) and Askold Buk (guitar). We played in Greenwich Village, and recorded a lot (Bair Tracks, The Place, Baby Monster, Greg Talenfeld), but the tracks are un-mastered and un-released. It was a beautiful project – I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work as a business. The song ONE LANE ROAD (produced by Norman Mershon) was typical of what we did: starts out like a mystical pop song that doesn’t rhyme, then ends up being an epic eight minutes long, including an inspired Chris Clark synth solo at 2:30 and my own bass solo at 3:50.